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I broke me glasses. Was cleanin’ em and they just broke in half. Not cool glasses, not cool.

Shot on March 25th, 2010.


Day 78 or Me Knees

These are my awesome pajama pants, with Hal Jordan staring at me (which is a little unnerving actually).

These are the sinks we had to use when Emma was in the NICU. Every time we came to see her we had to wash our hands for three minutes. Doesn’t sound like a long time, but when it’s the only thing between you and seeing your kid, it takes forever.

When Emma was in the hospital we decided to start reading her the Mr. Men series of books. A few of her nurses even dressed up her crib to have a bunch of Mr. Men figures all over it. So when she came home we continued with the theme and got her all the books and even some of the figurines. This particular book is over sized by quite a bit (compared to the standard ones) and is the only one we have in that size, but it’s awesome.

This is a still from a little bitty short I did about a couple that are having a fight. She’s been cheating on him and he finds out. He comes home and some domestic violence ensues. It was actually a whole lot of fun to shoot and we laughed a lot. It was weird seeing both of them go into character though, especially Tim. He went from happy Tim to scary Tim in no time and it was especially creepy.

It’s been a while since I posted a picture, but I have been keeping up with them. I’m going to put up a bunch tonight and hopefully a bunch in the next few days to catch up.

This is the wall that my niece was looking at way back on Day 12 or Get ‘Em Early. I desaturated everything except the cover of Animal Man #26 (the last of the Grant Morrison run) because I could.

Day 73 or Outside Growers

This was taken on March 19th.

This is the hallway outside growers (usually the last room in the NICU before the babies go home). When Emma was still in the NICU she spent her last month or so in that room. She could only have two visitors at a time when she was in there so sometimes Rachel or I would have to wait in the hall. It was nice because there was a window right next to her bed and so we could still look in.

This was taken on March 18th.

Lately I’ve been really getting into this whole comic binding thing. There is a company in Waco, TX that will bind your comics into a hard cover book. What’s awesome is that they’ve started doing custom covers (like I did with Rachel’s birthday presents) and I’ve enjoyed designing them as well. So I got the first two volumes of Peter David’s X-Factor in and they are crazy cool. So now you have to look at a picture of them.

This was taken on March 17th.

Tim Kuhn came back into town and I asked if he wanted to have dinner with us at the hospital. He arrived, but due to some stuff going on with Emma we didn’t get to eat for a couple of hours. So instead of going down to the cafeteria and getting okay food for too much money, we decided to go to Taco Bueno. I took this picture on the way back to the hospital on Tim’s iPhone. I thought it was pretty neat.

This was taken on March 16th.

This is again at the hospital (sorry, I’m there a lot). This is a small window in Emma’s room.